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TOP 10 Teejunkie Designer of the Year 2010!

TOP 10 Teejunkie Designer of the Year 2010. Voted for by Teejunkie readers. Thanks all for the vote!! TeeJunkie

Featuring in CUTOUT Magazine

Featuring in CUTOUT magazine, ISSUE.04, release on November 2010.

Featuring in NewWebPick

Featuring in NewWebPick issue 30.  Check out more here http://www.newwebpick.com/

Special thanks to the editor, Danny Yu, and of course NewWebPick.

NWP (NewWebPick.com) founded in 2001, is one of the most reputable community platforms for the creative industry; our e-magazine covers more than 4 million readers among 155 countries.  As one of the professional community for the designers, it is our mission to seek, to show and to recommend all most excellent creative designers globally.  In addition, we also provide a platform for creative works, to share their inspiration and originality.

With a growing community of over 4 million elite designers as NewWebPick readers and contributors, NWP dedicates to create partnerships with commercial to bridge the gap between designers who deserve notice, and commercial who want exceptional designs – This is our ‘Design Factory’ concept.

By Flying Mouse aka Chow Hon Lam