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Another stolen design by an India tee shirt store.

This is one of the design of FM365, it sold to Woot.Shirt in few months ago, was informed that there have another version selling in an Indian tee shirt online store – Designroadies. I had emailed them to ask them to take down the shirt, but they didn’t take any action. What the hell to the world now, please respect original!

Original FM365 Version

Designroadies Rip Off Version

Stolen Design or Clash Of Idea??

Was informed that one of my design (SPEED TRAP) is currently ripped off and sold in a China online store – VANCL. From the explanation of the VANCL’s founder, this is a “clash of idea”,  which is always happen in the design field. The things is when i personally compared my design with the ripped off one, the similarity is close to 99%.

Do you think this is just a clash of idea? Or stolen??

Original FM365 Version

VANCL Version