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Super Heroes Part Time Job series

Part Time Job series.  More upload coming. Get connected  to see more update.



Informed by a FB page’s friend that one of the brand from Europe called Friking ripped off few of my designs and selling in their online store.

Also saw some other designers work ripped off by them. PLEASE RESPECT ORIGINAL

Their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/friking.es
Their Website: http://www.friking.es/

Another rip off?

Saw a tee shirt store in Singapore called Midooree,  it is a Singapore local brand. One of their design look similar with my design “JOB”, which is printed by Threadless  in few years back.

Do you guys think it look similar too?

Interview by DEXTRO Magazine. “Credit the Uncredited”

Interview by DEXTRO Magazine. Some tough questions there, lol. Read more HERE:
Thanks to DEXTRO Magazine. And the editor, Mehdi Bouqua.

Featuring in Concept Magz Malaysia

Featuring in Concept Magz Malaysia – Vol 01.
Thanks to Concept Magz Malaysia, and the creative director – David M. Preece
Check out more about this collectible first issue HERE

Featuring in Yahoo! Games!

Featuring in Yahoo! Games!
Thanks to Yahoo, and the editor Brad Honeycutt.

Check out more HERE.

By Chow Hon Lam aka Flying Mouse

NIKE Tee Shirt Design and Illustration 2010 – 2011

A tee shirt design I did for NIKE in year 2010 – 2011.
- Concept and illustration by Chow Hon Lam aka Flying Mouse -

“Hang In The AIR”

“Sharing AIR”

“Swoosh Laces”

“One On One”

“Dragon Laces”

“NIKE Laces”

“Dunking AIR”

“Ultimate Jump”

“Speed Up With AIR”

“Break With AIR”

Tee shirt design for Nike

“Speed Trap” – Designed exclusively for Nike by Chow Hon Lam aka Flying Mouse

Featuring in “Generation T” book.

Featuring a ton of designs from 42 tee shirt designers around the world. A must have book for tee shirt fans. Thanks to New Web Pick, CYPI PRESS, and the editor – Danny.

You can grab it HERE.

Featuring in “The Art Of Illusion” book

You can find a ton of optical illusion works in this book. Time to challenge your eye :) Thanks to Charlesbridge publisher, and the best editor ever – Brad Honeycutt.

You can grab it HERE with $24.95 only.